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Legend Of The First Eclipse

Once upon a time, this legend does proclaim, The ether sky was ruled by two stern foes. Over the years a feud so great had bloomed But none of the opponents knew when it was sowed.

Six Brothers, fierce and strong, with flaming locks, Controlled the sky by day while blazing bright; A Silver Snake, with cold and cunning heart, In solitude controlled the sky by night.

The Brothers burned with might so great, Illuminating every corner of the world, While Silver Snake remained untouched and mild, Curled around himself, he shone with cold.

This might've never changed if not for twists of fate. For Brothers' family expanded once again, And Sister was created from the searing sun. A dainty creator, small but fierce beyond mundane

The Brothers were bewildered, for she shone alone While they were bound together by the flames. Their love for her, however, grew each day - They burned much stronger and things were much the same.

But years passed by and She became upset. Her light, though fiery and intense, was unseen. For side by side her Brothers were the Sun And she, merely a star, no matter how keen.

Once, when the Brothers rested peacefully in sleep, She fled their dwelling, wishing to shine for her own. But when she reached the crest of skies She realized the night was not alone.

She recognized the Silver Snake, of course; Her Brothers spoke of him so many times, But never did they mentioned that he was Indeed, not hideous and head-to-toe in grime.

She glanced down and saw, to her delight That she was seen and this she did prefer. She scanned the night sky but saw just him His silver eyes embedded into hers.

"You are the Silver Snake," she spoke out bravely. "The one who see no use in burning mirth. My Brothers said you dwell the skies unruly Because you cannot find your peace on earth."

"And who are you, might be?" he hissed at her, His voice drawled out in boredom and contempt. His eyes slipped on her silken skin and hair And inwardly he praised her weak attempt.

"But I should recognize the flaming locks, You are another piece of burning sun." He stated in disdain and turned away, Indicating that their chat was done

She gasped in rage, her skin shone scarlet. "How dare you claim such foul lies! I am my own and shine alone! Right here and on another thousand skies!"

"You do?" he arched his brow in malice. "Then how come no one ever saw you shine? For such fury should be well known At least as your Brothers or as mine…"

She silenced and gazed down in shame. She mumbled something, but he did not hear. "I said I am too small!" she shouted as reply When he viciously asked her to be more clear.

He laughed in mirthless glee and watched her flush, The frost in his eyes enough to make her cold. He shifted his position and glanced at her again, "You may stay here tonight, if you're that bold…"

She smiled, quite shocked, but did not say a word. That night she shone so proudly all eyes have seen The fierceness of her blaze and the warmth of her heart, And the newborn deity of fury in her glorious sheen.

But soon the night was over and the Snake had left, And her six Brothers appeared beyond the hill. They flared at her with rage for fleeing from their home. And she apologized, but knew she'd leave again to feel the thrill.

The next night, as soon as her Brothers fell asleep, She fled again and tumbled to highest peak. And there he was again, unnerved by anything, Exactly whom she came to seek.

"I see you found your way back, Little Star. Weren't your Brothers upset?" he asked uncared. "Did they not forbid you to come near me?" She shrugged, but gulped, "I am not scared…"

He laughed again at her, with mirth this time. "You are not scared, Little Star?" he asked, unbelieving. "Oh, but you are. I see it in your eyes..." She cringed under his stare, but knew she wasn't leaving.

"Alright, Little Star," he hissed at her with a smirk. "You wish to shine in lightless sky, so shine. I will not stop you from your doings, But time will come and I'll claim what is mine"

She nodded fearlessly and watched him smile again. Somehow she knew that her decision was right. She smiled at him and turned away, Resuming shining in the night.

This night she returned to her Brothers' dwelling Before it was too late she faked her sleep. And when they woke her up, she went with them, Knowing that her secret she must keep.

Thus were many years the deities dwelled - She shone by day, while still unseen; And also shone by night, admired and praised And her Brothers knew nothing of her sin.

But, alas, she grew tired with every passing year. Shining both day and night, not having any rest, Was not easy as she thought it was, And she had to think of something if she wished to last.

"What is on your mind?" asked the Snake one night. In all these years he grew accustomed to the Little Star. "Why are you dull? Are you sick of your sheen?" His voice as always was superior and cold as she remain afar.

He called again to her and this time she replied, "I'm growing weary, Silver Snake. I cannot shine much more. I do not rest and this is much more harder than I thought. Can't you see I'm paining to the core?"

His silver face remained aloof, while his heart sank. A strange possessive twinkle sparked inside his eyes. "What are you saying, Little Star?" his voice was low and changed. He clenched his jaw as his emotions began to rise.

She looked at him, her face so pale while tears rushed down. The ember of her eyes pleaded for his comfort, but he remained at bay. "I do not know what I am saying. I am just tired. Perhaps I should return and rest tonight" she said and ran away.

And in the darkness of the night he watched her as she fled. The sky became so cold and held much naught, Her burning figure disappeared and he was left alone To realize he found what he had never sought.

She ran so fast she could not see a thing. Her heart was breaking out; her tears had won. She rushed into her house to find her Brothers Wide-awake and angered that she dared to run.

Many nights passed and she had not returned. His loneliness was like a searing knife, Which stabbed into his heart whenever he dared To think without her there'll be life.

Her Brothers raged for many days and scolded her As a disobedient child who knew not of his wrongs. But she remained just silent and did not fight, Despite how strongly she began to long.

He raved upon his lands, unable to stop his thoughts. The air became so cold and night so cruel. He couldn't breathe again for she was gone. What good were solitude and all the lands he ruled?

Days flew by and night crawled painfully slowly. She wept her tears as darkness reigned her mind, For she had realized that He also dwelled within her heart, And that his eyes had penetrated her fiery rind.

More nights had passed and still she was not there. He came upon the edge of his control, And with a fury matching hers to dare, He finally allowed himself to fall.

The next day, when the six Brothers and her form Came to the crest as they did every dawn, They found that the Snake remained there in the sky, And did not disappear despite the blooming morn.

"What is this? Silver Snake shines by day?" asked the first-born. "Why are still around? Leave!" commanded the third. "The night had slithered away and so should you" raged the fifth. But the Snake remained still as if he had not heard.

Instead, he gazed in silence upon the fiery star, Who seemed so meek and pale beside her scorching Brothers. He could not avert his eyes, his heart now breathing, And he no longer noticed all the others.

She held herself as not to crumble down. She wished to be so close and hold him, But she knew, this could never ever be, So finally she broke and tears began to brim.

He tried to rush to her but he was thrown aback. Her Brothers stood so high, their flames like searing fists. He stroke upon them all, his wrath and love combined, And they stroke back, with wrath and hate and burning twists.

All the men upon the land, who happened on this sight Were struck with awe as the sun covered the moon. They saw the very first eclipse like battle at its' heat, But everything was over soon.

She shed her tears for Brothers and for Him, As they fought each other with ruthless might. But suddenly she realized what must be done, So once and for all to end this foolish fight.

She threw her arms and the opponents were cut apart. "This has gone too far!" was voice was thunderous and deep. "This aimless feud shall cease, tonight! I know not what was sowed, But lifeless Brothers and a lover, I shall not reap!"

Six Brothers stared at her, surprised. The Silver Snake remained unnerved, Though deep inside his heart had leapt As with this gift he was just served.

And thus the feud was over and two rivals agreed to cease. She left her Brothers' house that night And came to the dwelling of the Snake, Where she was welcomed by the clear and softest light.

"You spoke of love today," he suddenly said quietly. "How can you claim so freely such great emotion? How can you 'love' a Snake, my Little Star?" His voice was cold, but she could hear the pleading notion.

She heaved a deep inhale and took his hand. "My dearest Snake, I do not know how I can feel Such love for you, but please be sure of its' intensity Be sure my feelings are of real."

He gazed this time into her eyes, his silver orbs shone bright. His lips curved up into a smile before he sought her own, And soon in yearning kiss they were engaged. He knew then very clearly - he will never be alone.

So this is how our legend ends - engagement of the sweetest kind. An ancient fued was shattered by a simple kiss, And now when rival families do comes together Eclipse then watches lovers with promises of simple bliss.

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The End.
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