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Chapter Two

Finding Out

A slim, pale girl sat on a blue bed with a white paper sheet on it, in a room that clearly said she was in a doctor's office. The grey walls were lined with bookshelves that carried many books. There was a single desk that sat under a huge window that was opposite of her.
She was nervous - she didn't think she could hear what the results of her blood test would show. She really didn't want to know. The girl knew something was wrong; but couldn't put a finger on it.

Just as she was going to get up to leave, Dr. Tiessen, her Muggle doctor, walked into the office and shut the door behind her. Dr. Tiessen had brown hair that reached her shoulders. Her kind green eyes were behind a pair of rectangular glasses. She was quite young to be a doctor, in the girls opinion.

She and her family had been coming to see Dr. Tiessen since they had first moved into the small town. It wasn’t that far of a walk to where they lived.

'So, Natasha, I just got your blood test back,' Dr. Tiessen said, staring at the girl.

The two stared at each other for a while in silence. When Natasha couldn't take it anymore she half asked, half shouted, 'Well, what's wrong with it?'

Dr. Tiessen took a deep breath. 'Well it depends on how you feel about your situation,' she said, sitting down on her comfy grey chair by her desk.

Natasha was tired of this. She just wanted to go home to her parents, her brothers, Harry, Hermione and friends.

'Just tell me what's wrong. Stop stalling!' Natasha said in one breath.

'Miss Grint, you're pregnant,' Dr. Tiessen said bluntly, looking straight into the bright brown eyes of her patient.

'What?!' shrieked Natasha, blinking furiously, after staring at Dr. Tiessen for five minutes without blinking. 'This can't be true. I've only had, well you know, once! I can't be pregnant. I'm only sixteen. Your stupid Muggle thing is wrong,' Natasha said, mostly to herself.

'Natasha, you are pregnant. This so-called 'Muggle' thing is not wrong,' Dr. Tiessen said, still looking at her patient.

Then wondering aloud, Dr. Tiessen asked, 'What is a Muggle?'

Natasha looked up, eyes sparkling with unshed tears. 'Oh, it's just my new word,' she said before bursting into tears.

Natasha couldn't think of anything better to do. She was pregnant after one night of sex. 'Stupid welcome back party,' she muttered between sobs.

Dr. Tiessen got up from her chair and patted Natasha's back. She was used to this. Girls who grew up in this small town usually got pregnant at a young age. She had hoped though that Natasha would not be one of those girls. She had so much potential, and she had blown it all away.

'You have a few choices, Natasha,' Dr. Tiessen said, still patting Natasha's back. 'You could have your baby and keep it, you could have your baby but put it up for adoption, or you could get an abortion.'

Natasha hiccupped at the thought of killing her child, the child that she and - No! She couldn't do that. She could never kill anything. It wasn't the baby's fault; it was her damned high egg count.

'No killing it,' Natasha said quietly, as tears still spilled down her face.

'All right then, you want to have the baby, but then what? I hear you go to a boarding school in Scotland during the school year. Am I right?' Dr. Tiessen asked, waiting for Natasha to nod her head before continuing. 'If you want, I could still deliver your baby for you. Or I could recommend a good doctor in Scotland. You also have to decide if you want to keep the baby when he or she is born, or if you are going to put him or her up for adoption. I know this is a lot to deal with now, but you have to know all your options,' Dr. Tiessen said, knowing before she had even asked the question that Natasha would not have killed her child.

Natasha was quiet for a while, thinking. Should she tell the father? Obviously she knew who it was. Should she tell her parents? No. She couldn't. The father would never talk to her again, and her parents would probably disown her. No, she wouldn't tell anyone.

Then her mind turned to adoption. She couldn't do that just yet. She didn't trust people, not after the war anyway. Both times she had trusted people, they had turned out to destroy her life. First Tom Riddle's diary and now this! She would have the baby, and then she would decide on what to do.

'I'm going to have it, and keep it,' Natasha said after a few moments of silence.

Dr. Tiessen looked at her hard. 'Very well, taking care of a baby is a lot of work. We have to talk about some other things now. You need to know how to take care of yourself and your child during your pregnancy, and after your pregnancy. You will also need to know where you are going to have the baby. You have to be prepared. I will be willing to go over to Scotland to help with the birth of your child, or you could have it here in England,' Dr. Tiessen said, smiling warmly.

'Thank you for being so understanding, isn't there some sort of course I could take? The baby will be born in Scotland, or England, I don't know right now. It depends. I go to a really private school,' Natasha said, stressing the last sentence.

'No problem - it is, after all, my job. There is a course that you could take; it's on the second Saturday of every month. It's near Aberdeen - a small community. The lady that runs that program is amazing. You still have a few more months before you decide where you want to have the baby, but remember it's due in April,' Dr. Tiessen said.

'Yeah, I think I'll do that, the course, I mean. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to every class but I could make it to some,' Natasha said lightly.

Natasha looked at the clock above the door. Five pm. It was late, and she needed to get home. Her mum was going to worry if she got home past six, and she intended to make the walk a long one, as she needed time to think.

'I need to get going, Dr. Tiessen. It's getting late, and my mum is going to start to worry if I don't get home soon. Sorry,' Natasha said, hopping off the blue bed, the paper underneath her crackling.

'Goodbye, Natasha, I hope to see you one more time before you leave for school,' Dr. Tiessen said, rising also. She walked Natasha to the door and opened it.


Natasha was out the door and down the corridor before she remembered something important.

'Oh! Dr. Tiessen, if you happen to see my mum, please don't tell her about this. I'll tell her when I'm ready. Okay?' Natasha asked, walking back up to her doctor who was still standing in her doorway.

'I won't, but make sure you do,' she said.

'Thanks,' Natasha said before turning and walking back down the corridor and out the door.


Once outside, Natasha stopped. She looked around her to make sure no one was watching, before she ducked into the alleyway between the hospital and an ice cream shop.

Natasha took out her wand and muttered, 'Colure'. Her hair and eyebrows changed colour instantly. She quickly put her hair in two braids before leaving the alley. Ginny sighed a breath of relief when she noticed that the spell had worked, she had never done the spell without her mother around.

She didn't have to worry about underage magic anymore; it had changed due to the war. A lot of things had changed. Anybody and everybody could use magic outside of school now. But she supposed since the threat of Voldemort was gone the underage charm would be put back into action soon.

Somebody waving and calling her name brought her back from her thoughts of the war. She smiled out of habit as her brother made his way towards her.

'Hey Gin! Mum said you were here. Hermione and I have something to tell you, and I think Harry would like to talk to you,' Ron said, throwing his arm around her shoulder and winking.

Ginny's smile vanished as Ron dragged her home to The Burrow.

How could she keep this a secret? She was sixteen, almost seventeen, and she was pregnant. "What a way to start my seventh year at Hogwarts,” Ginny thought, flicking her two red braids over her shoulder as she listened to Ron prattle on about how his picture had made the front page of the Daily Prophet and that being a War Hero was wicked, clueless to what Ginny was thinking.



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