Chapter Four- Step Two: Friendly Contact

“What’s the matter, Dracey-poo?”

Draco glared at Pansy, who gave him a bright ditzy smile. “Nothing’s the matter. Leave me alone, Pansy.”

Draco had been sitting quietly on the couch in the Slytherin common room, thinking about ‘The Plan’ when Pansy came over and plopped down next to him. Being out in public, she’d had to adopt the dense version of herself.

Pansy shook her head. “Nope, not gonna do it. Tell me what’s wrong, it’ll make you feel better.” Moving closer in her “sultry” manner, Pansy whispered in his ear. “Blaise says he’s got something important to tell you. Let’s go.”

Playing the part, Draco let a smirk darken his face. “Come with me Pansy. I have something to show you in my room.”

“Draco, we’ve got a problem.”

Draco shot Blaise a dry look. “Of course we do. I’m a pampered rich boy trying to court the poorest girl on the planet, I’ve got to marry her in less than a year, and I get to join the Death Eaters in a couple months. What’s not a problem right now?”

Blaise rolled his eyes. “Well, someone’s just having a right pity party, aren’t they? I’ve been designated by Dumbledore to tell you that you have to plan a Halloween dance/ball thing.”

“Aw man, I have to hang out with Granger again? Damn!”

Blaise shook his head. “No, I mean YOU have to plan it. Granger’s taken ill or something, so it’s up to you.”

“I can’t plan a dance, I’m a guy! Pansy, I need your help.”

Pansy just looked at him. “Don’t ask me for help; ask Ginny. It’ll give you an excuse to be with her, and that will fulfill Step Two.”

Ginny walked out of Potions detention steaming mad. ‘That stupid Snape, I swear I could kill him sometimes! I don’t care if he is in the order, I don’t see how Voldemort himself could be any worse!’

Ginny’s thoughts were interrupted when the person she least wanted to see at that moment joined her. “What do you want, Malfoy?”

Draco swallowed hard and forced the words out. “I need your help.”

Ginny laughed a mirthless laugh that didn’t reach her eyes. “Why do you need my help? Why would a Malfoy possibly need help from a Weasley?” When he didn’t answer right away, Ginny pulled him to a stop and turned him to face her. “Well?”

Draco’s mouth twisted into a frown, then he spoke. “The Head Boy and Girl are supposed to plan some sort of Halloween bash, but Granger’s sick now. I need a girl to help me.”

“Why on Earth are you asking me? No, never mind- it doesn’t matter. The answer is no.” Ginny started walking again, not caring if he followed her or not.

Draco grabbed her arm and pulled her back in his direction. He lowered his head and let his mouth brush hers for just a moment. When she didn’t pull away, he pressed his lips hard to hers. With the hand still clutching Ginny’s elbow, he brought her closer to him.

Ginny felt his arms encircle her, and she didn’t even care. His kiss was making her head spin, and it was all she could do to keep from shaking. Draco pulled back slowly and she looked up into those deep smoky eyes. He looked just as flustered as she felt.

Suddenly, Ginny realized what was going on. She had just kissed Draco Malfoy! Pushing him away, she stood trembling on her own, trying desperately to sort out her feelings.

Draco spoke long before she was ready for him to. “Your help?”

Ginny swallowed, fighting desperately to keep from drowning in those dark eyes.


“Draco, I- Draco? Draco!”

Draco started, looking guiltily around at Pansy. “What? Sorry, Pansy, I missed what you said.”

“You’ve missed everything that’s been said for the past hour. What’s wrong with you?”

Draco shook his head slightly, trying to clear it. “Ginny says she’ll help. I completed step two. . .and step six.”

“Hello, Earth to Ginny!”

Ginny jumped as a finger flicked her hard in the forehead. She glared at Ron, rubbing the spot where he’d hit her. “What?”

“Ginny, what’s up? You’ve been messed up all night. Ginny? Ginny!”
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