Chapter 1

“Harry Potter Alive!” screamed the headlines from the Daily Prophet. The picture showed a bearded man, looking emaciated and weak being led into St. Mungo's on a stretcher. The only thing that hinted the identity of the man was a faint scar that graced his forehead.

"Inflammare," the blonde man whispered . His gray eyes flickered with anger watching the flames lick the edges of the paper. His wife would be home shortly, no doubt, hearing how her presumed dead husband was alive. It would only be a matter of time before she heard the news. The reporters from the Daily Prophet swarmed outside his home, he refused to answer their questions warning them of hexes and unforgivable curses should they step onto his property.

Draco heard a pop in the living room and retreated from his study. Ginny stood there looking disheveled, her face tear streaked.

"You were supposed to be here 6 hours ago!" he said, his voice visibly shaking for the first time in his life. Draco felt his stomach twisting. The same feeling he had when Potter caught the snitch. Old fears and uncertainties which he had long since forgotten came erupting to the surface. He asked where she had been although he already knew, "WHERE WERE YOU!"

No answer came. She fell to her knees in front of the fireplace, while tortured sobs shook her soul.

He left her there standing in her grief and slammed the door to their bedroom.

Draco lay in the dark staring at the ceiling. The bed so empty without his wife. She was his wife wasn't she? Was their marriage even valid anymore? Draco waited for her but a fitful sleep overtook him. He awoke to the sounds of Ginny crying in her pillow. He reached out to her, to comfort not only his wife but himself.

"I'm sorry love," Draco smoothed her hair. The red hair he made fun of so long ago, the hair he now buried himself in.

Still she cried.

He loved his beautiful redhead.Gathering her in his arms and turning her towards him, Draco held Ginny protectively, possessively. Between each word he planted kisses on her shoulders, neck and face.

"Don't - Leave -Me -Virginia"

She clung to him, aching to relieve her pain through his embrace.

Draco stared with longing at his wife, his Virginia. " I love you," he whispered. His lips slowly descended to meet hers gently covering her mouth.

Ginny found herself quivering at the tenderness of his kisses and his touch. She parted her lips searching for him hungrily this time, burying her hands in his silver-blonde hair.Ginny felt herself melting into Draco. Her softness molding into his hardness, becoming one, as he kissed her again and again. An ancient rhythm bound their bodies together. Nothing could come between their love.

Brightness filled the room as a new day dawned. Draco awoke, adjusting his eyes to the morning light. Today they would get through this crisis together. Reaching out for his wife, he realized, she was gone.
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