She would not look at him. She would not talk to him. And she would certainly never speak to him again. Being a slightly temperamental red head, Ginny Weasely had no problems playing with fire, and instead had been burned by dry ice.

One-shot inspired by Thalia's Pleasure and Pain.
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1. Smiling Like A Doll (Reviews - 16) 1107 words

My first fic!
Inspired by this part of Thalia's Pleasure and Pain.
For the next month, she surrounded herself with her loving, safe friends and housemates, smiling like a doll and walking with the even steps of a machine, bruises healing and carefully pretty, empty bright brown eyes and steady unclenched hands.

Fic Specifics
Title: Smiling Like A Doll
Rating: Sorta Naughty - implications only
Spoilers: None, but you should read Pleasure and Pain first because it's awesome.
Disclaimer: Not mine, or Lucius and Draco would have been duelling over the affections of a Mary Sue long ago...
Kudos to Thalia for an awesome fic, and much gratitude to my gorgeous beta, Persephone33, who really is a goddess.