Even if he only got a glimpse of her flame-coloured hair around a corner, it was enough. Enough to keep him breathing. Alive.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all of the characters in his world are the property of J.K. Rowling and multiple movie companies and publishing houses. They get all of the money, I only get the pleasure of *breathy sigh* using Draco.
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1. Cocoa, Dreams and a Train Ride (Reviews - 29) 2934 words

Thanks to the lovely FreeDaChickens for the Perfect Imagination beta, and Miranthridel Bloom, for the 'make me spit coffee on the monitor because I was laughing so hard' beta. I lurrrrve you. The title comes from Milton's Paradise Lost.

2. Nightmares, Lunacy and a Favour (Reviews - 12) 2425 words

Thanks to my Perfect Imagination beta, FreeDaChickens, and my favorite Aussie ever, Miranthidel Bloom, for giving it a once over, even when she was so busy. *hugs* Oh! This chapter also has character death in it... watch out!


3. Manners, Potions and Loneliness (Reviews - 8) 1897 words

Thanks to FreeDaChickens for the PI beta, and Miranthridel Bloom for making me burst out into giggles when I read her beta work. Someday I'll post Miran's comments in-text, somewhere. They are comic gold.


4. Assessments, Dead Toads, and First Names (Reviews - 13) 1262 words

Thanks to FreeDaChickens for the very thorough PI beta (I often wonder if I should wait for her corrections to come out in paperback); and a special thanks to Miranthridel Bloom for being so fiercely, unwaveringly supportive (and placing the snarky comments exactly where they should go).

5. Questions, Confessions and Smiles (Reviews - 18) 2554 words

Special thanks to FreeDaChickens for the very thorough PI beta, as well as keeping Draco from getting too "fluffy bunnies and rainbows." To Miranthridel Bloom, who, among other things, thinks 'Draco Watching' should be an international sport, that he really would save kittens from the Whomping Willow if given half a chance, and who has spent a great deal of time pondering the "size of Draco's vault," I send hugs and vast quantities of chocolate.


6. Individual Musings, Nighttime Wanderings, and a Good Night's Sleep (Reviews - 17) 1878 words

To my favorite beta in the whole wide world, Miranthridel Bloom, who enjoys a sleepy, lusty, confused Draco, swoons in all the right places, and who gave me the stupid, nagging plot bunny of Lord Voldemort running about the countryside shouting, "Rampage, rampage, rampage!", I give a ton of Christmas crackers and as much chocolate as her heart desires! Thank you very, very much.

7. Whimpering, The Walk of Shame, and Lewd Behaviour (Reviews - 20) 1934 words

A special thanks to FreeDaChickens, for the PI beta, and to the illustrious Miranthridel Bloom, who swoons when Draco is up against a wall, is easily distracted when he becomes gentlemanly and who thinks Ginny should "waste not, want not," I send a hearty thanks and a life size poster of Jensen Ackles. Enjoy, love!

Oh, and for anyone interested, "the walk of shame" from the title of this chapter is from my college roommate, Alyson, who, when I slept somewhere other than my own bed, admonished me the next morning with, "Had to do the walk of shame, did you?" Disillusionment might have been handy, back then. :) Sorry, on to Chapter Seven!

8. Punishments, Apologies, and Togetherness (Reviews - 17) 2132 words

Thank you to my beta, Miranthridel Bloom, whose adjective of "terrifically shaggable" (although I agree with wholeheartedly)I chose not to use for Draco (at least not in this chapter). A special thanks to my Perfect Imagination beta, FreeDaChickens, who keeps my punctuation disease at bay and who caught an EXTREMELY large plot hole, and an extra-special thanks go to my sweet friend Peki, who, out of the goodness of her heart, read through some chapters and helped me understand the complex and subtle nature of Draco Malfoy. Thanks girls! Any mistakes herein are mine and cannot possibly be their fault! And thanks to all the people who take the time to review. I appreciate you, as well!


9. Interruptions, Hexes and Jealousy (Reviews - 19) 2936 words

A heartfelt thanks go to my betas, FreeDaChickens, who patiently corrects my punctuation, and Miranthridel Bloom, who makes me seem smarter and funnier than I really am, and who thinks irony is indeed a cruel, leather-wearing mistress. Thanks also go to all the readers and reviewers of this story. It's encouraging to hear that you like it!

10. Dinner, Family and Friends (Reviews - 12) 2299 words

Special thanks go to Peki for making me actually think about what I’m doing… FreeDaChickens, who always corrects everything that is correctable & Miran who thinks sometimes Ron has all the finesse and subtlety of a ballet dancing troll.

11. Kindnesses, Promises and Christmas Plans (Reviews - 19) 2467 words

A/N: I’d like to thank Peki for Ginny’s abhorrence of nicknames, FreeDaChickens for wielding her wicked pen to catch all the SPaG errors and to Miranthridel Bloom, who always makes my work much, much better, I give a unicorn, a ‘67 Impala and a life-sized dark chocolate frog. Ask and ye shall receive, love.

12. Frustrations, Arguments, and Suggestions (Reviews - 13) 2011 words

No. Hell, in fact, is not freezing over. Here's an update from my longest WIP ever.

A/N: Peki helped make it believable, Miran helped make it pretty, and freedachickens helped make it readable, as well as keeping me from sighing too much.

13. Bubble Baths, Imperfections, and Compromising Situations (Reviews - 17) 1477 words

Thanks to Miranthridel Bloom who is, as ever, nine different kinds of awesome. She's a beta queen. And thanks to Freedachickens, as well.

14. Emptiness, Bondage and Declarations (Reviews - 17) 1549 words

Thanks to Freedachickens and Miranthridel Bloom for the beta.

15. More Nightmares, Sleepy Confessions and Midnight Snogs (Reviews - 15) 1063 words

Does this chapter move the plot along? No. No it does not. (Well, perhaps at the end, a little) Does is indulge the reader (and writer) in fluffy fan fiction? Mmm hmm. Yup. Enjoy.