Title: The Blob
Name: rainpuddle13
Rating: Not Naughty
Characters/Ships: Liam Malfoy, Gareth Malfoy
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Notes: For shady121 - Between And Baby Makes Three and Cabbage Capers. Liam's take on the whole 'Gareth situation' (Mainly, how does Liam react to being a Big Brother).

Summary: He didn’t know what all the fuss was about.

Everyone was gone, finally. All his aunties, all his uncles, and his grandparents had finally returned to their homes, leaving his house unnaturally quiet and still. The only sounds he could hear were the ticking of the hall clock and his mum’s soft breathing. She was asleep on the sofa.

Liam didn’t know what all the fuss was about, really. Everyone in the family seemed to think that the little blob his mum insisted on calling Gareth was perfect. As far as he could tell, the baby didn’t do much of nothing except cry, make poopy nappies, and take up far too much of Mummy’s time.

“I know my colors and shapes,” he told his sleeping baby brother. “I’m learning to read and I’ve got most of my numbers down.”

He picked up the little frog that Auntie Pansy had gifted the baby with the day he was born, examining it carefully before putting it back before he got into trouble for messing with something that wasn’t his. “Gustav is better, you know,” he said, picking up the little yellow duck that had been lying on the floor next to his feet to show his brother. “And keep your hands off, cos he’s mine.”

Gareth didn’t even have the good manners to seem suitably impressed with what he was trying to tell him. Rude little bugger, Liam thought sourly as he stalked off to play with his ever-changing blocks.

A soft rustling noise coming from the vicinity of the low cradle drew his attention away from the grand castle he’d spent the better part of the last hour building. He got up to investigate, hoping against hope that the baby was doing something that would get it into trouble with Mummy. All he found was Gareth squirming and kicking at his soft green blanket that Grandmum had knitted for him. His little face was tinged pink which, Liam had quickly learned in the three days the baby had been in the house, was not a good sign.

“Shhhh,” he shushed his brother to no avail, “Mummy is sleeping.”

Liam glanced about for help. His mother hadn’t stirred despite the increasing volume of Gareth’s displeasure. Da had gone into the office for a few hours. All of his aunties, who were always more than eager to take care of the baby so his mum “could get some rest”, were long gone. Costa was probably in the kitchen fixing supper…

There was nothing left for him to do, so he gingerly extracted his brother from the cradle. He knew he wasn’t supposed to hold the baby without supervision, but he was alone and desperate times called for desperate measures. He made sure he kept an arm under Gareth’s head just like Mummy had told him to do as he settled carefully on the floor in front of the fireplace.

“Why you still fussy?” Liam asked his brother after rocking hadn’t seem to do anything for the baby. “You’ve got a poopy nappy, don’t you?”

He put the baby down on the afghan he’d been using earlier as a moat around his castle, admonishing him not to move until he returned with the nappy bag. Changing a spoiled nappy was the worst thing he’d ever done in his life, but one that couldn’t be avoided if he wanted to save his ears from Gareth’s piercing wails He’d been very rudely awoken twice the previous night.

“Okay,” he said, returning promptly with green and white striped bag with colorful little frogs all over it and setting to work.

Gareth squirmed as Liam set him on the thick carpet, sliding the changing pad underneath of him, and making quick work of the blanket and unsnapped the adorable little blue onesie with little dragons all over it that used to be his. He’d seen his aunties and his mother change countless nappies, it wasn’t that difficult, or at least he hoped it wasn’t. The safety pin had him worried though.

He sucked in a deep breath before he dared to peel the soft cotton material away from around the baby’s waist, breathing a heavy sigh of relief upon discovering there was no poopy in the nappy. It was just sopping wet. He removed it, balling it up and tossing it aside before digging through the bag for something to clean Gareth up with. The fussing stopped immediately in favor of gurgles and flailing legs.

“Hey,” he cried, horrified to find a stream of liquid squirting out of Gareth’s naughty bits before he managed to cover it with an unfolded nappy, “that’s just rude!”

There was too much powder, the nappy wasn’t folded neatly, it was too loose and not pinned properly, but it was dry and there was no danger of Gareth spraying anyone. The onesie proved to be difficult to set back to rights, mostly because his brother wouldn’t stay still, so he just wrapped him up the best he could in his blanket.

“You’re a bunch of trouble,” Liam told the baby as he moved them to a pile of pillows so he could be more comfortable while holding his brother and waiting for his mum to wake up and take control of the situation. “I’d rather have a kitten, but I stuck you with.”

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