Title: The Female Pirates of Hogwarts

Author: starting a new story instead of updating.

Summary: Luna Lovegood, sick of normality, decides to be a pirate. More for the hell of it than anything else, Ginny Weasley joins up. As their crew gradually increases, Ginny finds herself the object of Draco Malfoy’s attention while Luna is falling in a most unconventional way.

It's a commonly known fact that there is nothing quite as sexy as a female pirate. There's just something about the way she looks at you that makes you grab your bits while wondering what she's like in bed.

Currently, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hosted three pirate women.

The first, not surprisingly, was Luna Lovegood. Ever since the first Pirates of the Caribbean came out, Luna had been parading as a pirate. Luna somehow managed to make pirates look good despite the fact that she was too thin and a little on the short side.

Luna was also extremely adept at transfiguration. Which was why the SS Hogwarts was sailing across the lake. Well, around really. Luna was the captain of the Hogwarts and through special permission from Dumbledore she was actually allowed to sleep on it when she wanted to. Which was most of the time.

Luna was Dumbledore's last hurrah before he relinquished his title of Headmaster. Luna knew she was a piece of revenge but she also knew with all her heart that Dumbledore would never have let her do this if he thought she might get hurt.

Luna now stood on the deck of her galleon, watching the sun rise over the crystalline water. It was mid December but, despite the three inches of snow on the land, Luna was comfortable. She had managed to convince Hermione to put a warming charm on the ship, making it a comfortable temperature there all the time.

Luna was currently decked out in a white shirt with billowing sleeves, secured at the wrist and above the elbows by tiny belts. She wore a half corset over it, securing her to just below her breasts. A cross belt held her sword, which she always left on the ship but loved it anyway. She wore a pair of pink and white striped stockings to her mid thighs with black and red turned down boots and a red skirt, laced in red over the ensemble. She tightened the light green kerchief around her neck and tossed her hair out of her face before securing her hat on her head once more.

"Are you up here again?"

Luna turned to see Ginny. Her first mate was wearing a white shirt that came to her knees with a corset over it and a black and red jacket over that. She wore a pair of black boots, the tops turned down to reveal the gold filigree. A pirate hat perched on her head as well.

Ginny was Luna's first mate and a damn fine one. She had joined the Hogwarts a few weeks ago when she realized she really didn't like Harry like that. She wasn't sure who she wanted but it wasn't Harry.

She had started spending much more time with Luna after that and helped a great deal with the construction of the ship. She spent most nights high in the rigging, watching the stars and thinking. She never told Luna what she thought about, and Luna never asked.

Ginny had a sword stuck in the belt she wore. She would have to get rid of the sword before classes, but on the ship they were allowed. Luna usually wore a pair of flintlock pistols on cross belts, which, again were left behind when it came time for school.

Ginny walked over to the railing to see what there was to be seen. The lake was huge and they were in the center, but Ginny could clearly make out a fat figure standing on the far shore. She smirked.

"Umbridge is upset again."

Luna followed her gaze and smiled as well.

For about ten mornings now, the self proclaimed headmistress had been trying to coerce the girls back into the castle. The rules Dumbledore had set up said the girls were legally able to stay on the ship. They could have stayed in their dorm rooms, but on the Hogwarts they were not subject to Umbridge's dictatorial rules. On the ship, they were free to do whatever they pleased.

The ship was perfect. It was equipped with a magically enlarged entertainment room, including televisions and stereos. Electricity may not have worked at Hogwarts but on the Hogwarts, there were no limits. They even had a galley for meals with a special entrance only the house-elves could get through. Dobby, a favorite of the girls always brought food. The girls likewise always spoiled him rotten.

Each morning since Ginny had first noticed the fat woman while scanning the 'seas', the three pirate girls would stand and watch her until it was time to un-holster the weapons and head to class.

"She still there?"

Ginny and Luna turned to face the final member of the crew. Boatswain Padma Patil stood on the deck. Padma had joined just after the Hogwarts was complete. She was frustrated with her twin sister who was infatuated with both Harry and Divination, in equal measures. After a falling out, Padma had been wandering the grounds when the Hogwarts ran aground before her.

Ginny and Luna didn't really need to sail the ship. Enchantments did the work for them and, since their first beaching, they had left the work to the enchantments. They still ran around doing random things, but they were pretty useless.

In any case, Padma had helped them send the ship back to the center of the lake. When their natural politeness kicked in, Ginny and Luna invited the Indian girl aboard the ship for tea. They talked of things. Harry, pirating, Umbridge, Divination...

The talk wore into the afternoon and then dinner. When it came time to leave, Padma was reluctant. The next day she was back. This time Ginny and Luna had set up a room for her. The ship did the rest.

In a moment of genius, Luna had remembered a wardrobe spell she read about. After a trip to the library with the eager Hermione in tow, Luna had found a way to enchant the trunks the girls kept in the ship to produce Pirate regalia. The best part was that no two outfits ever turned out the same, unless you wanted them to.

So Padma was dressed in a ruffled beige button up shirt. She wore a deep blue tapered skirt that ruffled in the breeze of the lake. She wore a black and gold jacket with a high crested collar over the shirt and light brown boots, turned down at the ankle. She also wore a gold necklace that was long and reached almost to her navel.

"Yup," Ginny replied. "Still there."

"You'd think she would have gotten it through her head we aren't coming back until we have to." Padma sighed.

Luna smiled dreamily. "No such luck. But let's have some fun, shall we?"

Author notes: (A/N: Ok, this is the first chapter. What do you think? I promise lots of DG action as well as some good old fashioned pirating.

To Be Continued.
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