Here’s the thing about love; no one ever tells you the truth. They don’t want to ruin whatever childhood fantasies you’re going to concoct up in that ‘pretty little head of yours.’ No, no, see, they’re all much more sadistic then that. They would rather you find out later that all the dreaming you did was for nothing. Then that way, you can be just like them, and suffer.
Category: Completed Short Stories
Rating: Not Naughty
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter
Compliant with: OotP and below
Era: Post-Hogwarts
Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Completed: Yes
Series: None

Chapters: 1 | Word count: 1098 | Read count: 3248 | Published: Apr 13, 2009 | Updated: Apr 13, 2009
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Story notes: I feel that every so often, Ginny deserves a rant.

1. Trouble (Reviews - 20) 1098 words

AN This is just a silly little rant that I one day decided needed to be a full story. I think, once upon a time, this was a drabble for Rainpuddle. It’s been a while…I can’t remember. As always, thanks to the ever amazing seegrim for the beta work! (My grammar is getting better, tehe :-P)