Every girl has her moment: the moment where she suddenly realises that this is the one. Ginny Weasley knew exactly when her moment would happen. It would happen the day that she looked into Harry Potter’s bottle-green eyes for the first time. It would be a magical moment, a perfect moment…

Except, it never came.

Of course, she blamed him for ruining it. It wasn’t her fault that she hadn’t realised who he was when he had appeared before her ten-year-old self at King’s Cross. It was clearly his fault. He should have been wearing a name-badge or a big sign that said “Hero Who Killed You-Know-Who”. But he hadn’t been wearing any badges or signs, and she had looked into his vibrant green eyes and had felt nothing. Not one measly thing.

It was quite annoying, really. She had waited with anticipation for that moment for years and years, and then he had to go and ruin it all by appearing unannounced like that. Really, it was enough to make her quite hate him.

But Ginny had not been perturbed by this setback. She knew that her moment would come. It was only a matter of time now. After all, she had already planned their wedding and had taken the effort to draw what their children (ten in total) would look like. The drawings didn’t look like anything except blobs and sticks, but it was the thought that counts, after all, and no one could say that she hadn’t put thought into it.

Neither could anyone accuse her of not trying to further things with the boy in question. Hadn’t she laboured over a poem dedicated to his heroic beauty, even taking the pains to make it rhyme? How many other eleven-year-olds were there that could make ‘blackboard’ rhyme with ‘Dark Lord’, and have the right amount of syllables in each line to make it flow perfectly? She thought it was quite well done of her, if she did say so herself, but the star of her masterpiece hadn’t seemed to notice that. He never noticed anything.

And then the whole disaster with the Chamber of Secrets had happened. She had thought that maybe then her moment would come. It would have been perfect, for though she had been very upset and frightened at the time, he had just saved her life. You couldn’t get much more romantic than that. It was just like in the romance books—her own little version of the damsel in distress being saved by the hero—but nothing had happened then, either. She’d only felt the same old feelings that she’d always felt for him.

That was when she began to wonder if her ‘moment’ capabilities were malfunctioning. There was no excuse as to why she could not realise that Harry Potter was the one for her. He should be the one, he had to be the one, but another year went down the track, and she was still waiting for that special realisation.

And then it happened. She finally had her moment, except it wasn’t with Harry Potter. No, it was with a completely different boy; a boy with piercing, grey eyes and a sharp tongue that had reduced her to tears more than once. It was ridiculous, unfathomable—nay, a very blasphemy to love itself, but it had happened, and there was no question that it had happened with him.

Ginny had just been sitting in her usual spot in the library, vaguely trying to remember what the name of the book was that she needed for her essay on moonstones, when her eyes happened to fall on a certain blond sitting at another table. He was laughing with his friends about something—what it was she couldn’t say—but then he seemed to feel her eyes upon him and glanced her way. He stared at her for a moment, his eyes (she would later describe) beautiful in their unique shade of grey, and then a smile tugged at his lips.

He was transformed in that moment. She forgot about his cruelty, his sneers and his glares, and all those other nasty things that usually characterised him. All she could see was that smile: that rare, entrancing smile.

Cupid then picked up a hefty brick labelled ‘moment’ and threw it right at her head. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like the little beast with wings had done, for she was certainly shocked by the blunt realisation that this was the moment she had been waiting for, not to mention suspiciously disorientated.

Later she would discover that the blond had not been smiling at her at all. In fact, he had been smiling at the buxom brunette sitting directly behind her, but it would be too late to retract the moment by then. The damage had already been done. She was in love with Draco Malfoy, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that could stop them from coming together.

She would make sure of that.

Author notes: So, this is the prologue to the story, and that is why it is a bit short. The next chapter will be much longer. :)

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