*COMPLETE* Ginny has a diary. Again! And it talks back! Although, this time it's not evil. Probably. But what if the wizard on the other side of the ink and paper is? Mostly though, this story is about not judging the book by it's covers.
Lightish stuff, some serious themes but written simply for enjoyment. Betaed by Ness Frost and marinka. My sister also helped. :) Thank you!
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Story notes: 1- I made a mistake of being influenced by the film and wrote the whole first chapter thinking that Beauxbatons was strictly a girl's school and Durmstrang's a school for boys, and then I was so lazy that I couldn't have been arsed to change it. Sorry about it, but that's a minor detail, I hope nobody minds.

2- The premise for this AU is an idea written by ProfessorMcKitten in 'Different Worlds'. If you read Draco/Harry, check it out on hexfiles(dot)net. I'm not telling about the idea here; don't want to spoil the surprise. No point in sneaking a peek on hexfiles for the spoiler only though, you'll know by the end of the first chapter. You might even guess it if you're smart. :)

3- Chloe Bower and Georgina StJohn are made up by me, because there was no information about other Gryffindor girls in Ginny's year at Hogwarts, but it's safe to assume that there was more than one. The same goes for Sarah Owen, Adria Belle D'Argenio and Liz Kershaw who I put into the same year with Katie Bell. Also I'm not sure about the blood status of Lavender, Parvati and Katie, so I made some educated guesses. You can ask me why I think Patils are half-bloods, etc, in a review if you're interested.

4- Apology letter is basically copy-pasted from http://www.writing-business-letters.com/apology-letters.html but I changed names and some other stuff there.

5- The story is silly and fluffy and Draco is totally OOC. Sorry about that too. :) Oh well, not really! ;)

6- It not even remotely important, but all through the writing I was listening to Serj Tankian’s music, especially ‘The Sky Is Over”. But “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse and “Somewhere I belong” by Linkin Park are important too.

1. Chapter 1 (Reviews - 13) 5187 words

Letters X in the diary entries are just for distinguishing who says what. Neither writer sees it actually, because it's not really there. Enjoy. :)

2. Chapter 2 (Reviews - 6) 3915 words

Thank you everyone who reviewed! :) I appreciate and here is the next chapter. Ness Frost has been kind enough to nitpick it for me.

3. Chapter 3 (Reviews - 6) 4587 words

All right, here it finally is. The third chapter.

Sorry for the wait :( I have a family, work and I study too. And my kid's in his first year in the kindergarten. If you have no idea what that means I'll translate: he falls ill. A LOT. And if you don't know what that means I'll translate again: a three-year-old with a cold, and in particular a kid with high temperature, can't eat, can't sleep and sits in mummy's lap. ALL THE TIME. So basically, I have no life right now. Am I forgiven yet? If not, then hopefully I will be after you read the chapter. :)

4. Chapter 4 (Reviews - 7) 4469 words

Ness Frost has done the beta job and also as big thank you to floorcoaster who unknowingly inspired me to write. :)

5. Chapter 5 (Reviews - 3) 4495 words

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
I'm really sorry about taking so long to finally post. The problem was that though I wrote this chapter a long time ago, I felt it was a bit unfair to finish the story like that with so many loose ends, but Marinka (bless her soul) wrote me today and 'nagged' (thank you!) at me and I realised that if I don't post it like it is right now, I will never do it at all and that would be the worst that could happen to a story and my readers certainly deserve more.
All in all, the story is finished and is actually ending where I always planned to end it, it's just now I feel as if there is so much more to write about in this universe... Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless.