He smirked when she entered the bar. He hadn't seen her since last night, though she hadn't noticed him. He watched her sit down and order a glass of vodka, which she drank in one shot. Impressed, he walked over and stood beside her table.

“Most women can't take their alcohol,” he commented. “You've put them to shame tonight.”

She glanced at him, her brown eyes narrowed. She moved her red hair away from her face and waved her hand dismissively. “If that's your line, you might want to move on.”

“Oh, come now, Weasley. Don't be like that.”

Ginny tapped her empty glass. “Okay, I'll bite. You obviously know me, but I don't have any idea who you are. Care to give me a name?”

He frowned. “You honestly don't remember me? Boy, I thought you were smart.”

“Hey, Zabini!” someone called. “Stop harassing the lady.”

She smiled. “Blaise Zabini. Of course. I haven't seen you in a long time. What are you doing here? I seem to be the only female in this place, so no wonder you came over.”

Blaise's dark eyes gleamed as he leaned closer. “I'm here to ask you something, and I'm hoping you have the answer I want.”

Ginny stared at him, waiting.

“How is it that you left with one of the most eligible single men last night, but you are alone right now? Shouldn't you still be in his flat?”

Receiving another vodka, Ginny took a sip. “Why is that any of your business, Zabini?”

He smiled. “Draco is my friend. I just wanted to make sure he had a good time.”

“What did you have to do with anything?” she asked.

“He wouldn't talk to you sober,” Blaise answered. “Don't you remember?”

She did. She watched the way Malfoy looked at her when she walked in – like she didn't belong there. That angered her, but she didn't let it stop her from flirting with him when he stumbled over to her. It had crossed her mind to sleep with him briefly, as disturbing as that seemed.

He was Draco Malfoy, after all.

And, yet, somehow it happened. She had woken up this morning in his bed. Why she had stayed the whole day was something she still didn't understand.

Nothing should have happened. But it did. And now she was sitting in the same spot as last night, drinking the same thing, speaking to a man she hadn't seen in years about her one night stand with his best friend. She sighed.

Before she could say anything else, someone fell into the chair beside her. Pansy grinned, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder. Ginny hadn't seen her in a few weeks.

“You're sitting quite close,” Blaise said, looking back and forth between them. “I thought you hated each other.”

“Things have changed in the last few years,” Pansy said. She gazed at Ginny. “So, I heard that you and Draco –”

Ginny wasn't surprised. “Of course you have. That was fast. I'm assuming he told you.”

She shook her head. “Actually, no. Someone saw you here last night and they just put two and two together.” She smirked. “How was it?”

Ginny stared at her friend. “Haven't you slept with him multiple times? What are you asking me for?”

Pansy frowned. “Come on. Friends tell each other that stuff.”

“I'd tell you if I could remember,” she admitted.

Blaise snorted into his drink. They glared at him. “Sorry,” he said, “but this is too good. Usually Draco's the one that gets so drunk he's forgotten he's slept with someone, even after he's woken up next to her.”

“Thank you for that, Zabini,” a voice drawled. “Though somehow I think my reputation will still be intact after I leave here. Good evening, ladies.” His gray eyes lingered on Ginny before he looked away.

“Draco.” Pansy nodded. She took Ginny's drink and slid it across the table, holding it firmly. “She was just tasting it. She doesn't have her own. How about you buy her one?”

He nodded and headed toward the bar.

Ginny looked Pansy and hissed, “What are you doing?”

Her friend smirked. “Getting you another shag.”

“Oh my God,” Ginny groaned as she placed her head in her hands. “That's not what I want. At all.” She glanced up. “Crap. He's coming back with more vodka. This is just like last night.”

Blaise was trying to contain himself long enough to speak when Draco came back and sat down next to him. Draco glanced at him and slid Ginny her drink.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

“You're welcome. So, Blaise, what are you doing back? I was under the impression that you were done with London.”

His friend's lips curved and his eyes connected with a woman across the bar. “Oh, I have some business to take care of here. So I'm back for a while.”

“Well, it was good to see you last night. We've got to do that again.”

Blaise's mouth twitched as he looked at Ginny. “With the same outcome?”

Draco shook his head. “I don't think so, mate. I don't know about you, but I like to have options.”

Pansy glared at him. “That's a shitty thing to say to the woman you slept with. God, Draco. You can be a real bastard sometimes.”

He blinked. “I didn't mean it that way.” He looked at Ginny. “It was a one night stand, Weasley.”

The redhead frowned. “Is that all?”

She wanted to say more – to tell him about their time together at Hogwarts – but then she could see his reaction so clearly: the denial, the disgust, and finally, the confusion.

Because it hadn't happened.

At least not in his mind.
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