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Real name: Katia
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I love writing.
I tend to get writer's block a lot, so if I don't update in a while, you'll know why =D

(I'd rather have it take a long time and be good than hastily do it and have it turn out a piece of mutilated dung.)

I would love to meet you.
And I will love you forever if you review =D
It can be critical, but don't be too harsh on me, please.
I'm only 14 and my poor heart can't take it.

=D Well if you have any more questions contact me.
Favorite Authors
1. CCC
I spend way too much time reading CCC's stories.. because they are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! They vary in content and the behavior of characters (except for Ron, who is always hilariously disapproving of Ginny and Draco's relationship). In some of CCC's stories Ginny and Draco are usually kept at an excruciatingly close arms length, yet in some of them CCC chooses to divulge into what could happen, were the relationship between the Ferret and Girl Weasel "perfect". All of CCC's stories are written carefully and with great vocabulary. =] A+!