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Real name: Trinidad Burgos-Damasco
Registered: May 06, 2004
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I'm a 28 year old who has an unnatural obsession with all things Harry Potter, especially Draco/Ginny!! Another ship I like is Ron/Hermione.

I'm also a closet Lucius/Ginny fan and also secretly read fics with a Lucius/Ginny/Draco triangle. ( I know it's sorta sick, Don't throw anything at me!) I haven't found too many fics with this sortof storyline so if you know of any email me!

Currently live in the windy city of Chicago. Work fulltime as a nurse.Not being busy enough, I also fill my time by being a nurse the Army Reserves. I am scheduled to leave in July to the middle east so I plan to be done with WYWS by the end of June or beginning of July.

Another hobby of mine is dancing, especially lindyhop, west coast swing, salsa, foxtrot, etc. I met my boyfriend in a swing/lindyhop class so I hope to incorporate a dance theme into a story -someday.

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