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'Ello all. I love this ship and if you don't you bloody well get off this site. Just to let you know these are the ships I'm into. Draco/Ginny *DUH* Ron/Hermione, Blaise/Luna, Minerva/Albus *yes I know I'm twisted*, and you know I'm a bit of a freak so the occasional slash is welcome and the even rarer professor student combo. If your wondering about Harry, I think he shoudl just be on his merry way and have a good wanking by himself *smiles sweetly and bats eyelashes* I know you probably think I'm a psycho and I am . . . NOT! so just to put it out there I don't think the Malfoys are terribly evil, just misunderstood. If you want proof check Ms. Makani's art at www.acciobrain.ligermagic.com and see how her mind works. I'm telling you right know she draws like bloody Leonardo Di Vince . . . If he did fanart anyway. So I am weird, Your weird, we make a lovely weird team so check out my faves and enjoy mate. *****DRCO IS BLOODY HAWT***** and he will be mine. . . if only he where a real man. . . mmmmmmmmmmm . . . uh, sorry i was lost in thought and it's strange territory for me.
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