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Real name: Joan Opeņa
Registered: May 23, 2004
Membership status: Member
Beta-reader: Yes
Yahoo IM: VioletJersey

I'm a 29 year old lass from Calamba City, Philippines... and I've been a D/G shipper ever since i read MochaButterfly's Wrongfully Accused fic in 2001... and have never left the fandom since then!

Mostly I do beta-reading jobs for such authors like MochaButterfly, Reiko Naoi, where_is_truth, burgos damasco and singtoangels just to name a few... and have written 2 D/G fics at the moment (one of them is still a WIP w/c i will eventually continue very soon!) but nowadays I'm more into reading LJ D/G fics from annibug, Mynuet and Rainpuddle13 (w/c are awesome writers too!)...

My other D/G ships all include Ginny in them -- Oliver/Ginny, Remus/Ginny, & Colin/Ginny! Hehehe... she is my fave female HP character?!?!

I'm also a huge X-Files, Ally Mcbeal, One Tree Hill, Alias, Gilmore Girls, The Amazing Race, and Smallville fan! My other passion in life is Japanese animation... and my fave D/G fanarts are mostly Japanese-inspired in nature -- so if you know any sites that cater to this... PLS EMAIL ME A LINK ASAP!!!
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