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Okay, soooo I've kind of disappeared for awhile... I was unable to write due to personal barriers. I've deleted 'Why' for now so that I can do some serious editing before publishing the complete story... but thanks to so many of you reviewers for always asking for more!

Breathless by SlytherLynnie    (Reviews - 4)

Her face was concentrated on combat, her stature in battle position, defensive. Her curses were strong, powerful. How he wished he could throw away his pride and stand by her, holding her hand as they fought in battle. He didnít want to be standing by her, fighting her friends as she fought his. But he had to, didnít he?
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 1393 | Read count: 548 | Published: Jul 05, 2005 | Updated: Jul 05, 2005
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