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Real name: Misty Walker
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I discovered Harry Potter shortly after the first one was released, and read the whole first chapter in the grocery store before I snapped out of my trance and decided to buy it and take it home *laughs* I've followed the stories passionately ever since.

I discovered HP fanfics sometime in 2000, and was instantly hooked. The idea that I could dip into the world through the eyes and minds of others thrilled me and kept me occupied between issuances of the canon. I was initially quite stuck on their being true to the original intent, but gradually my eyes were opened to the idea that while these are J.K.'s creations, they're gifts with which others can craft whatever they desire... and that leads to interesting places more often than not.

So a word of thanks to all you talented authors... without your brilliance, our reading lives would not be thusly enriched =)

On a personal note, I am 5'2" with red hair and very light green-grey eyes, porcelain pale skin, a far more generously endowed bust than I should like, and thankfully no trace of the freckles that used to dot my face as a little girl *smirks* I'm a 30-year-old, married bisexual woman who loves reading (obviously!), singing, dancing, sunflowers, lavender, ladybugs, lightning storms, and cats. I plan to own a white pomeranian someday, too. I work for a dental office in the town square of a Chicago suburb, and play World of Warcraft on Wildhammer, Horde side, with my amazingly sexy, tall, slim, blonde, slightly arrogant, often infuriating, deeply passionate (hmmm... one could draw some parallels here *smirks*) husband, Steve.

Nice to meet you!

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