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What? We need an account to post our co-written drabble tag - that somehow erupted into 12,000 words and counting.

The Lush Life by Vesanmyn    (Reviews - 657)

A Vesica/Mynuet Collaboration. If Ginny had even the slightest inkling of what the day would bring, she probably would have called in sick. A disastrous press conference proved to be no match for the spin doctoring talents of Lush's chief and Ginny finds herself catapulted from being a lowly intern to the very eye of the storm, living a double life as a careerwitch and glamorous front woman for a racy new line. Throw in a few A-list events, a few dozen crises, an endless promotional tour with her new co-worker and the last person she wanted to spend time with, and a mystery waiting back home that neither of them may be able to solve….Every day's an adventure when you're living the Lush Life!
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Chapters: 13 | Word count: 27031 | Read count: 82072 | Published: Jan 05, 2005 | Updated: Apr 28, 2007
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