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My pen name started with just 'bird' and I added 'of pray' on there for no reason. I am aware 'pray' is spelled wrong, by the way. Bird comes from my old fashioned music taste. If you know Jazz, GOOD Jazz, you know Bird. Otherwise known as Charlie Parker. If you say you know Jazz, but don't know him, you don't know ANYTHING about Jazz!

I also have another pen name on the site, (anyone want to guess what it is?) and created this one because I wanted to start anew. I want to try and write angst, or at least a bit angsty, fics, and felt that I couldn't do that on my old account. Also, my old fics, were, cringe-worthy to say the least, and I want to start fresh.

Currently working on 'Hair Like Fire.' Angsty, but believe it or not, WILL have a happy ending. Though I'm not sure how far away that is at the moment. Will feature adult themes. Don't expect frequent updates.

Hair Like Fire by Birdofpray09    (Reviews - 9)

'The mark on my forearm burns but I donít care. All I can think is The fire. Her hair. Her hair, like the fire.' Angst/Romance. Rated R for later chapters. Warnings are there for a reason.
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Genres: Romance, Angst
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Character Death, Non-consensual sex
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 745 | Read count: 441 | Published: Mar 09, 2005 | Updated: Mar 09, 2005
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