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Real name: now why on earth would I tell anyone that?
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Hi all, Winter Fleur here. I am absolutely OBSESSED with the good D/G ship (obsessed meaning dropping all my other fiction works in order to spend more time writing my D/G's!).
I'm about 5'6", have a kind of light-brown hair that morphs between auburn and gold depending, and gray-blue eyes. And, I am a hoplessly puppy-eyed Draco worshipper... hence my lack of love life ^-^.
Hmm, lets see... things I love: chocolate, chinese food, Draco, drawing, writing, chicken, Draco, aquamarine, puppies, Draco, and, well, Draco are just a few off the extensive list.
Well, that's all anyone else besides me needs to know about me, so toodles my friends!
Much love, Winter Fleur

Weasel in a Box by Winter Fleur    (Reviews - 3)

When Draco catches Ginny sneaking about for reasons unknown, a spot of blackmail ensues. Little does he know, that act could spiral into something much darker...

Permanent Disclaimer: I AM NOT JKR!
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Chapters: 1 | Word count: 792 | Read count: 2768 | Published: Jun 28, 2005 | Updated: Jun 28, 2005
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