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OKAY! so, ginny's hand on the clock changed and everyone noticed, although I noticed you didn't say what it changed to. hmmmm. and marie france. she's in another story, right? or is she in this one in the earlier chapters. what's going on? ack! i'm dying to know. ~jessakitty
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Yes! The clock! The clock! I love that clock. And in case I haven't said it before, I love your Millicent, too. She is tres cool.
Name: Q reviewed 08 on Jun 14, 2005 03:23 am
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WOW! This is flippin unique! I like it so far, however, I am a huge chicken and I get scared really easy. I hope this will not happen with this story...I can forsee some dark stuff ahead!!!
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hey! i love this story! it's so different from the others! i'm really curious as to see what the weasley clock will say now that she's been resurrected. please update soon!
Name: imelda reviewed 08 on Jun 12, 2005 10:37 am
Thank God that they're not going to go as he plans. Because I totally hate him right now.

Author's Response: I figured out how to respond to reviews! Yay! But even though I read and love each and every review, I'm probably only going to respond to this one right now... because it brings up something important. Trust me, pretty much NOTHING is going to go the way Draco plans, in this fic.
Name: imelda reviewed 07 on Jun 12, 2005 10:21 am
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Name: Embellished reviewed 07 on Jun 11, 2005 12:56 pm
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i think draco may just be insane. really. these 3 chapters were great. i loved the including of Lady Death, the Fates, and a mention of Delerium. i'm glad ginny's back, but .... is she? she seems so strange. like a baby. ~jessakitty
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Name: Q reviewed 05 on Apr 26, 2005 01:20 am
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Name: Q reviewed 04 on Apr 11, 2005 04:06 am
It occurs to me that Lucius is actually quite a good father, in a way.
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She's dead, but not really? You've got my curiousity with that one. I know I should be disgusted with Draco, but I just feel pity for him, he's a sad and lonely boy. Loved how Lucius nailed him with the word 'murder'. There cannot be a happy ending here, unless...well I have my own ideas going on, but will have to wait until your next update.
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Yuck. May I reiterate how gross Draco is? But I have new things to say, too. First of all: Wow, does Lucius know how to put things plainly. There's so much grey area that exists when we're reading draco's POV that I have to frequently remind myself of exactly what he's doing and how disgusting it is. Lucius did a good job of that for me, and he did it better. But I also wanted to say that I know you've been getting a lot of flak lately for writing something so disturbing, but you should know that, despite my constant cries of horror, I'm glad you're writing this (if I weren't I wouldn't read or review, of course). I think it's an interesting experimentation, and I think you're handling it shockingly well. The mess thta is Draco Malfoy and his life at this point is clear to see, and so his actions are actually believable, on some level. Ron, too, is developing nicely, and I love seeing this brother's intuition that, while it's present in your other fics, is really honed and heightened here, and adds another layer of the fantastical that is necessary to keep the story credible. :-) PS- Draco doth protest too much, methinks. Lucius brought up some darn good points.
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Wow, what a twist! This story is the creepiest ff I have ever read... it's great
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Oh, poor Ron. I really liked this chapter, and I'm glad we're going to see things from the Trio's perspective. I have to say that I'm rooting for them much more than for Draco in this fic! I can't wait to see how it's all going to come out....Ron's devastation over Ginny is very moving, and I hope he gets her back.
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