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See you next chapter.
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Absolutely lovely chapter! That was such a lovely moment where Ginny saw Draco with the unicorns, it's so sad that he couldn't touch them but it was such a great image! My favourite lines were:
'and live in a house with seven bathrooms, so that her children might avoid the misery she’d known at the Burrow, waiting her turn every morning? Because I threatened to suspend you out the fourth-story window of the castle by your radish earrings,' and 'really graceful…” She grimaced. “Of course, so’s a vulture.'

The first one had me so confused that I had to read it again and then I lol-ed! What a great prediction! The second was quite unexpectedly expected....? But because it was this serious moment where Ginny is revealing all her inside emotions and then she comes out with this great insult!

Loved it! Great chapter, well done, I can't wait for more!
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*shakes head* Ginny and Draco are way too similar in ignoring the truth of their feelings.

Hopefully they'll be able to sort things out before long.
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I don't want Ginny with Harry.
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But that was a good chapter, I loved this line: “Oh, you bastards! You can’t! You’re supposed to hate and despise me with every bone in your bodies and every drop of your blood until the end of time itself, and then—“
I loved it that Draco was so angry that they were going to forgive him, that he'd rather spend his lifetime knowing that they hated him instead. Once again, trust him to think like that!

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Lol! A crumple-horned Snorkack is a brilliant way to introduce Luna, methinks. :D
It seems realistic that Luna has some faerie blood in her.

The part of Mel Gibson was played by a fried haddock, too.
Lol! This is cracking me up. I really don't know how you come up with these things. *g*

I really like Alistair and Andrew. They're nothing like I, and I suspect Draco, imagined them to be.
There's this flippant quote that came to mind whilst reading that part - "Be nice to your enemies, nothing annoys them as much!"
I'm wondering how Luna knew that Ginny would fall in love with Draco at the hospital tents. Looking forward to another fun-filled chapter. I hope Luna will be around for a while, since she's lots of fun. :)
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absolutely loved this line:
She held up the mat. “Now what does it say?”

“Pompous Arse,” admitted Draco, scrambling up and rubbing an extremely sore spot on his behind. “In rather nice pink cross-stitch.”
Made me laugh out loud.

What a greatly confusing chapter. I loved it! well done and I can't wait for the next chapter.
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Lol. There's the Draco we all know and love. *g*

Voldemort and rumpy-pumpy, now there’s a thought
LOL! Terrible, terrible images! I can see why you said you had lots of fun with this chapter.

like water colours moving through wind chimes
I love your abstract descriptions.. It's truly a gift, I think, to write in such a way and give a supernatural and mysterious aura to the story.

If you want to get down there now, then you’re going to have to go much more slowly.
Hehe, I must be really getting into the story if this sort of logic doesn't make me bat an eye anymore. This is great though, since it seems just like Delerium to talk in such a way.

"You want her in the way that people really want to live when they say they just want to die.” Wow, that's lovely.

"[A]nd the sound was like a plate of words that rhyme with “orange” thrown from the top of a ten-story building into a vat of cotton candy." It made me smile - I really don't know how you can come up with these seemingly random phrases that fit so well with the story.. it's brilliant.

I don't want to quote the *whole* chapter, but I started snickering when Draco read the writing on the grey bag.

"I’m madness, but… I sometimes argue for the other side.” Her speech just before this was lovely. Believing in Delerium existing would make the world seem much less unforgiving, I think.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Hmm, I wonder what price Ron wouldn't be willing to pay for Ginny?
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eeeeek! was that ginny? ahhh! i need to know. anyway. Love your story! I've been reading this story for 2 years! is the ending near?
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Aw, poor Draco. Poor Ron, too. It must take an immense amount of belief in doing right to be able to let go of his sister like that. You did an amazing job of making his anguish palpable. Hermione's anxiety was also clearly felt. It's interesting how Draco seemed almost influenced by Voldemort's increasing rage and unleashed it on Hermione, the only one there he felt he could attack freely.

It was so moving having Narcissa finally recognise her son, just when he needs her the most. Was it the sight of him crying that made him recognisable to her?

I can't wait til the next chapter. :)
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