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Name: Nutmeg44 reviewed Asamprajnata on Jul 16, 2016 11:47 pm
I started reading this before we became friends and then realised you wrote it. This is filled with so many feelings. I had to read it over the course of many days just to handle it. I'm not usually a fan of infidelity but I understand the feelings here. I kept dipping between, 'they're alive' and 'they're dead' a lot but I had to believe you wouldn't drag me through all that emotional turmoil just to kill them. Good story. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you're a D/G fan like me! :D

Author's Response: Aww, honey! Thank you very much for your kind, kind words. You made my day with your review to this story of mine. <333 I really like Draco/Ginny, but I am a huge fan of canon and I always try to write stuff that could have happened after the books - or as missing scenes. I am also a fan of Lily, so I had to include her in my story somehow. He he! I'm not that evil, I promise! I love to write about strong emotions, but I really like happy endings, too. Thank you again, you're lovely and you made me SO happy. <3 xxx
Name: Desertisle reviewed Savitarka on May 30, 2016 07:36 am
Wow! What an incredible story, setting and detailing. You did a wonderful job on your research and it shows in your words. You made me tear up and smile more than once and yes, I could see the story unfold in my mind's eye. I can't wait to read more of your work. Kudos to you! Just note that there are a few typos in your story, especially chapter 4. But overall it was super great. Thank you so much for writing this work.

Author's Response: Oh my word! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. This made my day. I'm really glad that my story managed to entertain you and maybe make you travel a bit with the characters (and with me!). Duly noted about the typos! I will definitely have an even more thorough look at it as soon as I can! :D Thank you again. Thank you! xx
Name: Lady Mischief reviewed Asamprajnata on May 29, 2016 08:08 pm
This story was very suspenseful and I really thought they all had died. I really didn't understand the cryptic ending. Or maybe I did regarding Draco that he's going to live his life differently. But what about Ginny? What about the change in her relationship with Draco? Was it just to lean on each other in a stressful emotional time. I would have liked to see some sort of resolution where their relationship or lack of one is resolved. Do they stay friends? How this experience changed their lives etc etc.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment, Lady Mischief. I'm glad you took the time to let me know what you thought about my story and I'm sorry my ending left you unsatisfied. I can tell you what I think will happen to the characters, but you're free to make up your own continuation from the moment my story ends. Personally, I think that the bond between Draco and Ginny goes beyond the romantic one. They were each other's world for a whole week, and they shared the same feelings of dread and fear. I can see the two of them sharing tender moments at Lily and Scorpius' wedding, and be friends and confidants for the rest of their lives, but I personally don't think they'll ever be together like that. Ginny's life with Harry is too blissful, and Draco wants to change his own life with such force and determination that I'm sure he'll manage to patch up his relationship with Astoria and with Scorpius and have his own happily ever after. Hope this helps you understand their fate. Thank you again! xx
Name: Anise reviewed Asamprajnata on May 29, 2016 06:24 pm
I LOVE this fic! :) It all fit together so well, and I especially like the way that the Yeti scene works in this version. I feel that Draco has really won through by the end, undergone a personal journey, and come out the other side with new understanding. Most importantly, I think he's finally realized just how much he DOESN'T know. I also think it may be a very good thing to have a fic on this site that doesn't end with a neatly wrapped up living-happily-ever-after D/G conclusion. We really don't know where those two may end up, in time. I do get the feeling that we're subtly shown that Draco may have issues with Astoria; as far as Ginny and Harry, we honestly don't know. It's kept a mystery. But for now, I think that Draco is finally, FINALLY starting to grasp the fact that his salvation and his quest for a meaningful both can only depend on himself-- not another person. And who can say where that will ultimately lead.

So, in short... it's all good, thanks for letting me beta, and I hope that you write more in the future (whether it's D/G, other fanfic, or originals!) :)

Author's Response: And I LOVE you, Anise. Thank you so much for this epic comment. :D I'm so glad you enjoyed this Yeti scene, and I wouldn't have been able to churn it out without your suggestions and directions. Thank you for that. Aww. I have to admit that I was a bit scared to post this story here because of that ambiguous ending, but most of the comments have been very supportive (and someone even asked for more Lily/Scorpius! Hehe!), and that made me incredibly happy and relieved. I like to let my readers make up their own conclusion, though. You know what I think, but anybody can imagine whatever pleases them about the characters' fates and their future relationship. I do believe that their bond is even stronger than a romantic one, though. Hope that makes sense.. And yes, Draco definitely learnt so much in this journey. He finally did all that growing up that he needed to put his life together. Thank you so much, hon. I hope that your inspiration keeps coming and coming and that you'll manage to finish all your projects. Thank you again! :) xxxx
Name: mickblake reviewed Asamprajnata on May 27, 2016 10:16 pm
You must have had so much fun writing about their escape from the Yeti's lair. It was great fun reading it. I think Luna and Rolf were out of their minds crazy to take little boys on such a dangerous adventure, even for.wizards. but, thanks to Xenophilious and his bag of wonder ingredients there was the happy ending I was hoping for. Great story. I really really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I have to be honest with you, the yeti scene gave me some very big problems during the writing process. I think it was because of the shift in the tone of the story (their children are alive and suddenly everybody is happy, and the sane people - Draco, Ginny, Scorpius and Lily - are outnumbered by the crazy ones - Xenophilius, Luna, Rolf, Lorcan and Lysander!), so my first take on it just didn't work and I spent a long long time trying to decide how to write it. I'm SO happy to hear that you enjoyed reading it, though! Honestly! Thank you so much for commenting on it! Thank you! <333 I think Luna and Rolf are completely out of their minds, and that this adventure hasn't taught them anything at all about child safety. LOL! I bet they'll be gone on another journey right after Dirigible Plum picking, but maybe next time Lily and Scorpius will stay behind to organise their wedding.. ;) But, yep! Thank God Xenophilius had his bag with him and knew exactly what to do to revive their children. Thank you so much again! :D You made my day with your kind words. xx
Name: sweet gurl reviewed Asamprajnata on May 27, 2016 01:04 pm
This was such a beautiful story! I started it just this morning and I just couldn't stop! I read your responses to reviews and was completely surprised that you weren't a resident of the area or at least a frequent visitor because the attention to every tiny detail was breath taking. I felt that I was there with them every step of the way. It all felt so real, even the completely epic battle with the yetis.

I adored your characterization and how each relationship evolved and was described. Even with the people that were not on the trip! I'm not going to lie though and I will say that I feel like I was left without a resolution for Draco and Ginny and k would have loved to see more of Scorpius and Lily because I had never thought of them before as a couple but they work, so you know I would not mind an extra scene with them getting married or having a bonding ceremony in Nepal with their families *winkwinknudgenudge*

Overall I can only describe this story as alive! Every step of the way felt real and it was a fantastic read, definetly a new favourite. Thanks!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! Your penname is really spot on, sweet gurl, because you're the sweetest. Thank you! I love, love, love to travel and I love to set my stories in far away countries: every time I do, I always go through a huge amount of research and I love every second of it. It makes me dream and makes me want to go and visit every place this wonderful world has to offer. You cannot even imagine how much I want to go trekking in the Himalayas, now. It sounds like a wonderful experience, doesn't it? And by the way, if you want a visual support to go with the description of the landscape here, the first 15 minutes of of the film "Everest" show exactly the same places that I've described here (I was so excited when the film came out!). Thank you for being honest with me and telling me what you would have liked to see here that I didn't include. In fact, I was a bit scared that this story wouldn't have been well received on this website because of its ambiguous ending. I think that Draco and Ginny formed an indissoluble bond during this journey, but I don't think their relationship should be regarded as something romantic. It's more than that. They needed each other and they found comfort in each other, and they shared something unique up there. But Ginny's marriage is rock-solid and Draco wants to improve his situation with single-minded desire, now, and I'm sure he'll manage to reconcile with his wife and live happily with Scorpius. And I LOVE Scorpius/Lily, I love them even when they completely disrupt my OTP (which is - hold on to your hat - Lily/Hugo!) and what I think it's canon (which is Scorpius/Rose, I'm sure they'll get married, Ron predicted it after all..), I have tons of stories about them on AO3. They are the the cutest together, aren't they? Hmm.. a bonding ceremony in Nepal sounds beautiful, doesn't it? I bet it would make up for an interesting one-shot sequel. *g* I will have to think about it. :D (By the way, I also have a soft spot for Lily and Scorpius doing some sexy yoga after this trip..) Thank you so much again! You made my day with this fantastic comment. Thank you, thank you! <333 x
Name: Silvryn reviewed Asamprajnata on May 27, 2016 12:31 pm
What a wonderful story! It was exciting, sorrowful, optimistic, and so much more :-) i absolutely loved reading each chapter and am indescribably pleased that everything worked out so well! excellent characterization of Luna's dad, and whole family too!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Silvryn! I'm really excited to hear that you enjoyed my story; it means a lot to me. And you pointed out two of the things that I was most insecure about: the ending and Xenophilius' characterisation. I know it's not exactly a canonical Drinny ending, but I like to think that something linked them to one other forever during this trip, even if it's not romantic love. And I always feel rather inadequate when it's up to write the Lovegoods (they're so crazy, every time I think I'm going over the top with them!), but I'm glad Xenophilius and the others worked for you. Thank you again. You made my day!
Name: mickblake reviewed Sasmita on May 26, 2016 12:01 pm
Okay im ready to meet this Yeti. Great story. It doesn't sound like Draco and Ginny have unhappy marriages so it will be interesting to see how all this ends. Very unique story. I really like it and am excited to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Next chapter (which is also the last one) should be up soon - as soon as it's validated by the Cabal, apparently. And you'll definitely meet the Yeti! :D I'm glad you think my story is unique, that's definitely one of the biggest compliments you could pay me. <3 And ah.. Xenophilius is not as crazy as we would believe and if he thinks that there's something important in that bag then surely there must be something important! ;) By the way, I loved to research about Nepal and Everest for this fic, it made my want to go there myself. *sighs* Such a beautiful place. Thank you again! You made my day so much brighter. xx
Name: mickblake reviewed Sananda on May 26, 2016 11:00 am
Well if Drac can find.d hope that they are still alive then so can I. Lovegood cracks me up. S he just focusing on the bag because he's in denial or is there a plan? Looking forward to finding out.

Author's Response: <3 Thank you! x
Name: mickblake reviewed Savichara on May 26, 2016 10:37 am
Very sexy nd naughty. I'm really wonder it what's in the infamous bag. MAybe the end won't be so tragic after all.

Author's Response: <3 Thank you! x
Name: mickblake reviewed Savitarka on May 26, 2016 10:08 am
I've read a lot about Everest and though this story has a sad undertone I like the unusual setting. I'm interested to see what happens. Great story.

Author's Response: <3 Thank you! x
Name: ginatoms reviewed Savitarka on May 23, 2016 01:33 am
Awww yes Draco a lite flash of hope. I love how this story is developing. And it's so detailed, I feel like I'm travelling with them!

Author's Response: Yes, a sparkle of hope for Draco. Thank you, hon. You're so kind to me. I did a lot of research for this, and I definitely felt like I was travelling too. :D (And it made me want to go to Nepal too!!) Thank you again! x
Name: Anise reviewed Sananda on May 21, 2016 07:58 pm
Well, hon, you already KNOW that I love this fic. ;) (It's possible that I'm not totally 100% unbiased here... ) But this is one of my very favorite chapters... it's telling that Draco was just so incredibly oblivious to the fact that Scorpius and Lily had anything at all to do with each other, much less such a serious relationship. I think it sums up a lot about the dark place he's ended up as a person by this point. And I think that by putting two and two together, we can see that he's been headed there for a long time. But at this very low point, he finally understands that his son really didn't hate him, that the desire to get away from his father wasn't why he went on the expedition. It's the beginning of real hope for Draco. And... I won't say anything else, because readers do read these reviews! ;) Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you SO much, bb! Hehe! I know only one thing: you helped me make this story 200% better. You really gave me the best suggestions and made me think about my characters and situations and were invested in the story like not many beta-readers would have been at your place. Thank you so much for that. Ah, I love that part where Ginny tells Draco what's going on between Scorpius and Lily, too. I love that we get a glimpse of his son's life and we discover how different it is from what Draco let us believe that it was. And yes, indeed, that's the beginning of hope for Draco, and I love to give him hope. He deserves it, because I think he's too harsh on himself when he talks about his private life to Ginny. And I think it's lovely that he manages to open up to her. It shows how much he actually needs her and finds comfort in her company. b29; Your comment completely and utterly made my day. Thank you so much for that, hon. Thank you! b29;b29;
Name: harrypotterchick4ever reviewed Savichara on May 21, 2016 05:26 pm
Ahhh, I am loving this story! It has it all, the travel, the tension, the steaminess, even Mr.Lovegood is such a breath of fresh air in a d/g fic! Above all the storytelling is incredible.

Can't wait for more, keeping my fingers crossed it ends on a happy note!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. It's my first work in the present tense and I was rather scared to make a mess. Luckily my beta reader was a star and helped me polish my English (which is not, sadly, my first language), so you telling me that you enjoy the storytelling makes my day. Thank you! I love stories that are set in faraway countries, isn't it a lovely way to discover a new place? And thank you for remarking on Lovegood, I always find it difficult to write Luna and Xenophilius, but I'm glad I'm probably getting better. Well, I can't spoil the ending for you! I hope you'll like it, though! :D Thank you again! b29;
Name: ginatoms reviewed Savichara on May 20, 2016 04:27 pm
Woah, just woah. Was not expecting that ending.
Good on Xenophilius for suggesting this excellent way of warming up!

Loved this chapter obviously. Xx

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much for your comment! I'm really glad to know that you enjoyed the chapter. :D And yes, yay for Xenophilius for being so knowledgeable on "how to warm up". Thank you again! You just made my day! xx
Name: ginatoms reviewed Savitarka on May 17, 2016 03:21 pm
This is so rich and colourful, I love a travel story. I can't wait to see where this goes!
Such an interesting idea, and I'm so intrigued with Draco and ginny both being married.
And children lost, ahhhhh I'm going to thinking about this story for days trying to figure out where it's going!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much for your lovely comment! You just made my day. <3 I can definitely tell you that this is going towards Mount Everest. *g* But, yes, I should also probably warn you that I'm a sucker for canon, so everything in my story fits into the books and J.K. Rowling's interviews on Pottermore and what she says on Twitter, etc. I know that might not be everybody's cup of tea when it's up to this pairing, so I really think my readers should be aware of that. :) I'm going to update this story every other day for a total of five chapters. Thank you again! This comment made me so happy! x
Name: Anise reviewed Savitarka on May 17, 2016 12:07 pm
Hey Ely, You KNOW I'll review this later on! :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, my love. Wow! My first comment on this website! I'm excited! :D Thank you so much for being the first! <333 x
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