“Tenth floor,” Draco hurriedly told the elevator attendant. Having given that directive, he backed Erin into the corner and recommenced his assault on her mouth. His hands cupped her face as his lips moved over hers. Begging admittance, his tongue danced along the seam of her closed mouth. Erin welcomed the invasion and lifted herself on tiptoe as the kiss deepened, encircling his neck with her arms.

Draco drew his hands from her face. One reached up to tangle in her hair. The other made its way slowly down her neck and chest, finally reaching her breast and scraping delicately across her nipple. Erin gasped at the electrical charge his touch produced.

They were being shockingly indiscreet and she had a terrible urge to laugh aloud at the impropriety of it all. Draco had always prided himself on his discretion, it was a trait taught early and preached often in the Malfoy household. Ironically, it was that same discretion that enabled Draco be a successful Death Eater informant. Smirking, Erin wondered what Lucius would say if he saw his son snogging a ‘Muggle’ in public. She leaned in to kiss Draco again, grateful that he had renounced his father’s prejudices.

“Tenth floor, sir,” the attendant announced, his eyes studiously avoiding the amorous couple.

Draco extracted himself from Erin’s embrace, thanked the elevator operator and slipped him a generous tip. Placing a warm hand in the small of her back, Draco directed her out of the elevator. As the elevator doors closed, he took her in his arms and lifted her off her feet. Erin moaned as his lips moved over her mouth and neck as he carried her down the hall to his hotel room. He set her down lightly when they reached the door but did not release her, pressing seductively against her body as he continued to taste her. Blindly he groped for the key card slot until he was rewarded with an affirmative beep and the sound of the door unlocking. Erin felt her feet leave the ground once more and found herself being carried into the suite.

His hotel room was larger and more extravagant than any Erin had ever stayed in. They entered a spacious sitting room with quality furniture and a large screen television. To the right was a kitchenette and to the left a full size bathroom. On the cocktail table sat a basket filled with fresh fruit and chocolate.

Erin didn’t notice any of these things; she was too busy trying to undress Draco without losing contact with his lips. The moment the door had clicked closed he placed her back on her feet and began to unfasten the slim silver belt she was wearing and work the knotted halter tie. Erin tugged the starched white shirt out of Draco’s waistband, her fingers working feverishly to unbutton the garment. Steadily he marched her backwards towards the bedroom, both nearly tripping when the lovely green dress slid to the floor. His shirt was next to go and Erin redirected her hands to remove his slacks. Draco kicked off his shoes and socks as his trousers fell to the floor in a heap.

They had reached the inner sanctum. Erin moved to sit on the bed but was halted by Draco’s hoarse voice telling her to wait. For a moment they gazed at one another, the desire between them so thick it was nearly tangible. Carefully Draco removed her hoop earrings and her watch and set them on the bedside table. Taking a step closer, he reached behind her head to free her long hair from the barrette the restrained it and Erin recalled a conversation from long ago in which Draco had expressed his carnal satisfaction in seeing his lover’s wild and untamed hair spread across the pillow. He placed the barrette next to the earrings then stopped to admire her. Erin’s skin tingled as he studied her intently, the lust in his eyes clearly visible. Returning to the task of undressing her, Draco unclasped the strapless bra she wore and dropped it to the floor. He cupped one of her plump breasts in his hand, enjoying is weight as he grazed his thumb over the nipple. A trail of kisses began at Erin’s throat and continued down her body until Draco reached her lacy panties. She inhaled sharply as he removed them, Draco’s touch feather soft on her skin. Upon reaching her feet, Draco took her hand and placed it on his shoulder for support while he removed her sandals with exquisite care. Erin was completely nude before him when he stood again.

“You’re beautiful, Erin,” he said, taking her hand, “I can’t deny that I want you very much. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such a powerful attraction to anyone.”

He paused to organize his thoughts. Looking her straight in the eye, he continued, “Are you absolutely certain you want to do this? One night’s company is all I can offer you. We are both struggling to put away our pasts and I don’t want to cause you more pain.”

Erin looked at him seriously. She knew he was sincere; this was not some attempt to win her over with false sensitivity and secure her as a bedmate. His declaration both pleased and pained her. The goodness and honor that caused him to make his intentions clear before she did something she might regret made her proud. It showed that despite the losses he suffered in the war he was still a good man, still the man she loved. That such a declaration was necessary made her heart break all over again. For her, this would be that last time she could ever make love to the man that held her heart. For him, it would be a night of affectionate, but ultimately loveless, sex.

“Draco,” she began, “I appreciate your concern for my feelings but I know the rules of the game we’re playing. I have no hope of a relationship with you. As you’ve said, we are both coming to grips with our losses. I won’t regret taking comfort in your arms.” He did not resist when she pulled him to the bed.

They made love slowly and passionately, exploring each other’s bodies with rapt attention. He didn’t know that every moan of pleasure he drew from her caused an equally powerful sense of loss within her heart. Once or twice a tear escaped Erin’s eye and Draco kissed it away with sweet compassion. Erin didn’t know that, even after five years, being with another woman felt like a betrayal of Ginny and Draco’s comfort of her did as much to ease his own guilt as to relieve her suffering.

Much later they lay holding each other. Draco stroked her back and littered her hair with soft kisses. Sated and happy in his embrace, Erin wished that she could remain this way forever. That was impossible though and she contented herself with the indulgence of a few hours sleep surrounded by his warmth and his scent.

She awoke just as the sun began to peek over the horizon. Rich red and orange rays come in through the window. Draco was asleep beside her; the hardness she had noted in his face the night before was not present while he dreamed. He looked just as he had the last time she shared his bed. A loving smile lit up her face and she took comfort in the knowledge that the war had not changed everything.

Reluctantly pulling away from her lover, Erin collected her discarded clothing and got dressed. She watched Draco’s steady breathing, working up the courage to walk away from him forever. It was much harder this time. The first time things had happened so fast she didn’t really have time to absorb them until later. And, of course, there had been the hope that they would be together again soon. Tears ran down her cheeks and she brushed them angrily away. This was for the best. Draco deserved to start again and it was time to let him go. There was no use standing here feeling sorry for herself.

The sun shined on her back as she leaned over his sleeping form. Her shadow covered him, leaving his face in darkness. She brushed the hair out of his face gently so as not to wake him up.

“I love you, Dragon,” she said quietly, “I’ll always love you.”

Her mouth brushed his soft lips for the last time and walked from the suite without looking back. In a matter of minutes, Erin was on her way home.

He laid relaxed and comfortable in his bed when she came to him. The figure stood over him, her hair shining with a luminescent orange glow. He could not see her face but when she spoke he knew her.

“I love you, Dragon,” the woman said, “I’ll always love you.”

Oh yes, he knew her.

Draco shot up in bed, his eyes wide and searching.

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