We’re dreaming of
What used to be,
What could have been and
What will never be.

The memories now
Will help us through.
As I look back
And dream of you.

Your voice still haunts me in my sleep,
So silky, the reason I’m incomplete.
Yet now as I remember you,
Regrets stay far of what we were.

A picture perfect past undone,
Through sins so deadly
You’ve killed me too.
As I look back,
And dream of you.

Your touch so light
Made shivers come alight.
Forbidden kisses
Made me go,
And change all that
I’d stood for.

And now you’ve left,
A mere ghost to recall,
A body in a graveyard so full.

You said you’d never let me go,
Hurt me or leave me so.
Said you’d never make me cry,
Break me or leave me to die.

Yet as my tears flow freely,
Over the dreaded grave,
You’ve broken all those promises,
The ones so sacred, you swore.
And here I cry for you, for myself,
For those you hurt,
And for those you lost.
As I look back,
I remember you,
A living ghost,
Alive when the fire is lit,
Ice turned to passion
So warm, it made me cry,
So different, it made me weep.

I now remember the eyes
That I hated, then loved,
And now loathe.
For you’ve left me broken,
In a world so unlike our own.
The End.
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